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AP US History Notes

With a huge 150 page document, we’ve compiled all the notes from The New American History by Foner and The American Pageant 14th edition by David M. Kennedy, Lizabeth Cohen, and Thomas Bailey.


I am not exactly the type of person that remembers a whole lot of what the teacher says to me. I am always thinking about other things and when it came time to study for the history AP test, I had not been attentive enough to get the studying done that I needed to. I needed something that was going to crunch the entire year down into something I could handle in two weeks. I didn’t think that I was going to find it, but I did! I really can’t thank you enough for helping me to ace the AP US history test by getting to the point faster than my teacher ever did!

– Steve Winkler

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AP US History Notes

Taking notes for class can be pretty bothersome, especially for an Advanced Placement class. The material is usually more challenging and when taking notes on your own, there is no way to be sure that all the material is properly summarized or paraphrased in the notes, and the process can be very tedious and time-consuming. With most students having lots of other classes to take notes for, any bit of assistance with taking notes can be very helpful. Fortunately, we offer an extensive 160 page document comprised of the most thorough and comprehensive notes for any AP US History course that is using The New American History by Foner or The American Pageant 14th edition by David M. Kennedy, Lizabeth Cohen, and Thomas Bailey.

The notes we offer cover key terms, every crucial aspect of significant events and people, and concepts that are important to grasp within the textbook. The notes are most definitely a go-to source for exam studying, as no stone is left unturned in the material. From Amerigo Vespucci to The Eisenhower Era, our notes take a deep, extended look at the details of these parts of history and sum them up in a manner that is easy to understand and helpful in the case of a student who’s missed their opportunity to properly take notes or just can’t seem to cover all the material necessary to do well in the class.

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Our APUSH notes come in a clear, concise format with font that is easy to read and is in outline form to make the structure of the notes more organized. They are simple, with black font on a white background and easily recognizable topic headings with serif font, while the actual content itself is simple Arial that is not too stripped down to make for comfortable, extended reading.

Why not find a proper source to buy notes from? Other businesses that offer notes are not always reliable and can, at times, offer notes that are neither detailed nor helpful. So choose our notes for your APUSH class, and you will most definitely have a helpful study aide that will assist you in preparing for an exam, a pop quiz, or even just a simple homework assignment.

What is the AP US History test?


Collegeboard is an organization that runs a lot of tests high school students take. They test everything from critical reading and chemistry to physics and music theory. The Advanced Placement (AP) program is designed to help students who want to be more challenged that a typical high school curriculum can offer. Schools offer classes that ‘teach to the test,’ meaning students are taught using a method that will prepare them for the year-end test called an AP Test. These tests are comprehensive over the subject and are scored on a 0 through 5 scale, with 5 being the best. Students who earn a 3 on the test can usually get credit for the class at a lot major colleges and universities. Students who achieve the 4 or 5 score almost always receive credit for the subject.

Why should I care?

A student can earn a lot of college credits before they’re even in college by taking these AP tests. This can help reduce the price of college or could help a student graduate faster or obtain two degrees in the standard 4 year period. Additionally, the student can learn a lot about a particular subject that interests them while simultaneously challenging themselves academically.

AP US History Notes

What is the purpose of this site?

AP US History connects students with resources that can help them study more effectively for the AP US History exam. We’re all about helping the students gain further insight into American history and expand their knowledge of the subject. We try to offer a wide variety of resources to complement different studying techniques students adopt.

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